About us

Leading in Housing Privatisation in Germany

The ACCENTRO Real Estate AG is a listed real estate company and the market leader in residential property privatisation in Germany. We derive further revenue from portfolio sales and the marketing of flats for institutional investors and project developers. In addition to our home market of Berlin, we focus on the metropolitan regions of Hamburg, Leipzig, Rhine-Ruhr and Rhine-Main. With our presence in metropolitan areas with attractive general conditions, we occupy a strong position in the German real estate industry.

Our company was founded in 1993 and has been listed on the stock exchange since 2007. Our service subsidiary, ACCENTRO GmbH, has been operating throughout Germany since 1999.

Corporate Profile

The listed company ACCENTRO Real Estate AG is Germany’s market leader in housing privatisation. ACCENTRO generates additional sales through portfolio sales and third-party apartment retailing on behalf of institutional investors and property developers.

In addition to its home market of Berlin, ACCENTRO is also active in the Leipzig, Rhine-Ruhr and Rhine-Main metro regions.

The ACCENTRO Real Estate AG is headquartered in Berlin and is noted in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (WKN: A0KFKB).

ACCENTRO Real Estate AG Fact Sheet

Investment Highlights

1. Strong strategic positioning

ACCENTRO is Germany’s market leader in the privatisation of residential real estate.

2. Attractive real estate portfolio

ACCENTRO has a profitable property portfolio with focus on Berlin and other attractive growth regions in Germany.

3. Profitable business model

ACCENTRO pursues a highly profitable business model using a strong marketing and sales platform

4. Considerable hidden reserves

ACCENTRO owns an inventory portfolio of around 1,600 units and considerable hidden reserves

5. Substantial growth potential 

ACCENTRO seizes growth opportunities in its active privatisation business and collaborates with real estate investors and property developers.

6. Attractive market situation 

ACCENTRO benefits from a persistently high demand for condominiums, rising rents and historically low interest rates.

7. Successful performance 

ACCENTRO has sold more than 17,500 units with a value of more than EUR 2 bn since 2009.