Acquisition and Disposal of proprietary Properties

We employ our long-term experience and professional know-how in the privatisation business to make the retailing of proprietary housing stock a winning proposition. The process extends from the acquisition of new residential real estate of different investment types all to way to selling the units to private buyers or institutional investors. We believe that successful procurement hinges on a professional and straight-forward transaction process. We are on top of our game and bring a high degree of security and discreteness to the table. A complimentary property valuation marks the start of the acquisition process.

  • Stringent process of housing privatisation: Converting inventory assets into condominiums

  • Purchasing multi-unit dwellings, housing estates and residential portfolios

  • Raising value-add potential (e.g. by optimising the building) • Selling condominiums to tenants and owner-occupiers or to buy-to-let investors

  • Opportunistic sales of portfolios to institutional investors

  • Inventory properties: 2,885 units with a book value of EUR 302.1 million (31 December 2017)

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